Sunday, June 30, 2013

New Member of the Family!

Everyone welcome little Cooper!!

As you all know, we got Bentley about a year ago, but the poor thing (in my opinion) was lonely and missed his siblings, so we decided to get a new puppy brother for him. So far so good!

Thanks for stopping by!


Terri said...

Welcome to Cooper! He sure is cute!

jimlynn said...

Oh my goodness! Cooper is adorable!!! Send belly rubs his way.

Carol said...

Aww...Cooper is precious! Glad he found such a great new home with you!

Andrea6760 said...

Oh my Gosh..Cooper is absolutely adorable!! He will make a perfect 'puppy brother' for Bentley! Congrats to your family and I look forward to seeing more of Bentley and Cooper :)

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