Monday, May 6, 2013

An Apple for Teacher

I've gotten a few of these done within the last few weeks, I'm assuming so that they can be given out as teacher's gifts. Kinda cute, right?

I found these apple figurines at a local shop a few months ago and noticed that there was a place to insert a photo in the back. And any time there's a place to insert a photo, my mind starts going. I thought that maybe with a little luck (and some very gentle nudging) I could get a small needlework design in there, and luckily, I was able to. Once I knew it was possible, I ran back and bought a dozen or so more. I'm down to only two left though so it probably wasn't enough -- too late now!

They don't look like much -- they're only about 6 inches tall -- but they're heavy as heck, considering their size. If nothing else I bet they'd make great paperweights! :)

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jimlynn said...

Alissa, this would make a perfect gift for a teacher!!!!!!!!! So very cute! They could keep it on their desk all year long!

Carol said...

Such a cute idea for a teacher gift!! Love it, Alissa!

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