Thursday, May 23, 2019

Birds and Bees

Hello Friends!

Yesterday I mailed off this "Stitching Bird" to my new stitchy friend, Lori, who trusted me with her beautiful stitching. This was the second flatfold I finished this week using this pattern and seeing it all stitched up and finished made me rush out and buy the pattern myself. It's so cute!

Because of the gray tones in the stitching, I decided to use black and white gingham for the backing fabric, and white trim to edge the sides of the stitching to bring in some contrast. Then I added a black and white gingham ribbon with a cute scissor button for the center. I really hope Lori likes it when it arrives! It's always nerve-wracking to finish for other stitchers.

I also finished this little bee design into a mounted ornament. The design is from one of the patterns from Lizzie Kate's Summer Smalls. I used black and tan homespun fabric for the backing and twine cording for the edging. Just a quick, fun stitch.


Pattern: Summer Smalls
Designer: Lizzie Kate
Summer Smalls - Cross Stitch Pattern
Fabric: 28 ct Lambswool Jobelan
Colors Used: DMC 676, 729, 420, 730, 3012, 3781 and White

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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

New Finishes!

Hello Friends!

This morning I'm sad to say I dropped off a package at the post office with these four pieces in it. I loved finishing every single one of them and I feel honored that Andrea trusted me with her beautifully stitched pieces. 

The first piece is "Stitching Bird" by Heart in Hand. I used a green and tan homespun fabric to pull out the green in the stitched piece and then edged all sides with twine before adding a burlap and cream ribbon. For the center, I used a scissor button I had in my stash.

This second piece is "Liberty" by Birds of a Feather. I mounted the stitched piece on some faux lightly-faded denim to pick up the color in the soldiers' uniforms, and then mounted both to the front of this old rustic wood pallet sign.

I added a faded blue ribbon with stars to the top and then added three cover buttons on the bottom made of some red and tan gingham homespun fabric.

The third piece is "Cock-a-Doodle-Doo" by Barbara Ana Designs and I bought the pattern within 10 minutes of seeing it stitched up. Andrea stitched it on this pale blue/gray fabric that really made the colors in the pattern pop. It's actually stunning in person.

Because of the bluish gray tint of the linen, I FFOed this on a wood easel I had that has those colors in the wood. I matted the stitched piece with some brown and tan speckled fabric and mounted both to the front of the easel. I used twine around the edges and added another burlap and cream bow with a raspberry-colored cover button for the center.

Last but not least is this "Stars and Stripes Forever" piece by Bent Creek. The fibers of the stitching up against the tea-dyed fabric is perfection!

It's a very large piece (over 20" stitched) so I was limited with FFO options, so I went with a basic mounted ornament made of red and tan homespun fabric. I edged the sides with gold mini trim to pull out the gold in the stitching and then added two small bows with cover button centers to each side. It actually pained me to send this one back.

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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Two Small Patriotic Finishes

Hello Friends!

I've been spending most of my time in the studio finishing items for other stitchers before I head off to my mini-vacation at the beginning of next month, but I did manage to get these two small patriotic finishes done this morning.

I had stitched this one before and liked it so much I stitched it again. It's finished in the same way, I just substituted the floral center for a denim cover button.


Pattern: Strawberries and Stripes
Designer: With Thy Needle and Thread
Strawberries & Stripes - Cross Stitch Pattern
Fabric: 28 ct Tea-dyed Evenweave Monaco
Colors Used: DMC 355, 3777, 3768, 317, 03, 3011, 3012, 3371, 3781 and White

Then I stitched this small piece from a tiny piece of its pattern, Americana Sampling from Little House Needleworks. All I did was move the "1776" over a bit to keep it centered with the stitched design and FFOed it into a flat, mounted ornament with primitive homespun fabric.


Pattern: Americana Sampling
Designer: Little House Needleworks
Americana Sampling - Cross Stitch Pattern
Fabric: 28 ct tea-dyed evenweave Monaco
Colors Used: DMC 355, 3768, 731, 420, 3781, White

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Friday, May 17, 2019

Old Glory

Hello Friends!

Finished up this Old Glory piece into a flatfold this morning after it sat for a few days on the "I don't know what to do with you" table. 

I used faux denim for the back and red and cream gingham homespun for the front to try to pull all the colors out. Then I added twine around all the edges and made a bow out of some patriotic ribbon with more twine. The cover button center is also made with the faux denim.

I changed a lot of the color, and turned my flower into sunflowers. 


Pattern: Old Glory
Designer: Little House Needleworks
Old Glory - Cross Stitch Pattern
Fabric: 28 ct tea-dyed evenweave Monaco
Colors Used: DMC 355, 3768, 731, 435, 3781, 729, 801, White

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Monday, May 13, 2019

Liberty and Justice Mini Easel

Hello Friends!

I am absolutely in love with how this patriotic mini easel came out. It makes me want to make a dozen of them.

Because of its size, I planned to just FFO this as a mounted ornament. But then I remembered I had these little easels in my stash, and plans changed. I think I got these easels at Michaels, and they're perfect for small designs like this. All I did was mat the stitched piece to some faux-denim and then mounted both to the front. I edged the stitched piece with white cording to give it a little pop, and then once again made a bow out of that red and white gingham ribbon before adding a blue-gray flower to the center. This is definitely one of my favorite pieces.


Pattern: Liberty and Justice (All Dolled Up)
Designer: Little House Needleworks
Fabric: 32 ct Vintage Country Mocha Lugana
Colors Used: DMC 3777, 3768, 356, 435, 3781, 3031, 951, 3012, 3051, White

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Friday, May 10, 2019

Summer Whirligig

Hello Friends!

It's been a busy so far, but I have a lot of progress to show for it!

First, I FFOed my Summer Whirligig stitched piece into another farmhouse tart. It's the perfect size and shape so it was a no-brainer. 

Because the size of the piece was sufficient enough for the tart's size, I left the stitching on it's own and just did my basic finishing with some padded batting behind the stitching. Then I edged it with white twist cord and made of a bow from more of that fabulous red and white gingham ribbon. For the center, I just made another cover button from my tan and black homespun fabric to bring out some of the dark brown in the pattern and then glued that to the center. Super cute summer piece!


Pattern: Summer Whirligig
Designer: Heart in Hand
Summer Whirligig - Cross Stitch Pattern
Fabric: 28 ct tea-dyed evenweave Monaco
Colors Used: DMC 3777, 3371, 729, 356, 3781, 647, 422, 469, White

I also worked on a number of custom requests this week including finishing up these lovelies stitched up by one of my favorite people, Robin and her mom. 

I can't tell you how many pieces they send me that I really struggle to send back. I just love the pieces they send. It's like Christmas morning when I open their packages.

 "Merry" by Lizzie Kate
Stitched on  32 ct. Dirty Linen
DMC 304, 367, 500

"You Hold My Heart" and "Let It Snow" by Hands on Design
Stitched on 28 ct. Antique White Lugana
DMC 3688, 3799 and 926, 3799

"Deer Pair in Heart" by Luli (complimentary chart on her blog)
Stitched on 28 ct Cornflower Jobelan
Gentle Arts "Picnic Basket"

"Stork Scissor Monogram (P)" by Sharon Manspeaker (XStitch Happy Blog)
Stitched on 32 ct. linen
DMC 310, 415, 469, 676

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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Stars and Stripes x 2

Hello Friends!

This week I stitched up Stars and Stripes from Little House Needleworks not once, but twice. I wanted to see what the pattern would look like on different color fabrics, and in similar-but-different style of finishing, so I stitched it first on some 28 ct Monaco I hand-dyed gray, and then stitched it again on 32 ct Vintage Country Mocha lugana -- and since I had all the colors out already, it made it that much easier.

I finished the gray piece in a Vonna-inspired flatfold using black and tan homespun fabric. I mounted the stitching to the front and added some coordinating ribbons and bows and a cover button center.

For the Vintage Country Mocha piece, I mounted the stitching to some navy and tan gingham homespun, and then mounted both to the front of this dark gray pre-bought easel. For the top, I added some more ribbon, bows an a cover button. 

Still not sure which one of these is my favorite, but I'm definitely happy with how they both came out!


Pattern: Stars and Stripes
Designer: Little House Needleworks
Stars & Stripes - Cross Stitch Pattern
Fabric: 28 ct evenweave Monaco dyed gray (flatfold)
32 ct Vintage Country Mocha lugana (easel)
Colors Used: DMC 355, 3781, 924, 3031, 3051, 3012, 3777, White

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Monday, May 6, 2019

Spring Birds

Hello Friends!

Took another small break from patriotic stitching to stitch "Spring Birds" from Country Cottage Needleworks. I've had this pattern in my stash for awhile now and have just not gotten around to stitching it for some reason.

When I stitched up this pattern, I left off the top and bottom and then substituted some of the colors. It ended up being smaller than I had thought so I went with a white-washed frame I had in my stash and put some coordinating blue fabric as a backing before mounting the stitched piece on top. For a bit of color, I made some cording out of a pale yellow and then made two bows (one green, and one pink polka dot) before adding a flower in the center.


Pattern: Spring Birds
Designer: Country Cottage Needleworks
Spring Birds - Cross Stitch Pattern
Fabric: 32 ct White Lugana
Colors Used: DMC 420, 422, 469, 471, 3350, 604, 3031, 402, 743, 744, 809

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Saturday, May 4, 2019


Hello Friends!

I finished up another one of these patriotic easel pieces today, this time using a pattern from Homespun Elegance. I've been in a patriotic stitching mood lately (I have three more UFOs on my table right now) and I just love the look of them with that black and tan homespun fabric.

I found this chalkboard easel at Michaels, and I loved the white-washed effect it had. I covered the chalkboard with some black and tan homespun, and then mounted the stitched piece on top. The sides are edged with twine, and then I made some bows out of patriotic and polka dot ribbon. Then I made a cover button out of some red and black polka dot fabric and added that to the center.


Pattern: Liberty Parade
Designer: Homespun Elegance
Liberty Parade - Cross Stitch Pattern
Fabric: 32 ct Vintage Country Mocha Lugana
Colors Used: DMC 930, 3777, 611, 729, 3371, 3011, White

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