Thursday, October 2, 2014

Love My Coffee!

Apparently, I missed National Coffee Day, and I'm bummed because if anyone should partake in such a day, it should be me! I love coffee. Bold coffee - in nearly any flavor -- however, the specialty flavors for this time of year are my absolute favorite!

I've been commissioned to make coffee-lover themed gifts more than anything else --with wine-lovers gifts being a close second -- so I suppose its no wonder that coffee-lovers like us get a day. Here are some of my favorites:

Good Coffee, Good Friend

I Like You a Latte

Is It Coffee Yet Ornament

Love My Coffee Framed Art

Recently, my latest Love My Coffee scroll-work framed piece sold to Stephanie in Canada. Like with all of my sold pieces, I always hope my designs end up in homes where they are loved and appreciated, and I wait anxiously for delivery confirmation and overall customer feedback. Sometimes feedback never comes (although no news is always better than bad news), sometimes it comes in a rating-scale format, as on Etsy, and sometimes it comes in heartfelt e-mails and/or notes. I appreciate it all! But my most-favorite type of feedback is the one that comes in the form of a photograph. A photo really connects your item to its new home -- I love when that happens!

I was very excited when I received Stephanie's note and photo letting me know she loved the piece and that it had a very special home. Thank you Stephanie, so much, for sharing!

Pattern Details:
"Coffee Crazy"
Designer: Lizzie Kate


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