Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Greeting Card Sentiments

Being a designer of handmade greeting cards, I used to agonize over whether or not to include greeting card verses or sentiments on the inside of my cards, or if I should leave them blank. I was terrified that leaving cards with no inside message told my customers I was lazy, uncreative or just downright uninterested, but that just wasn't the case. I just didn't want to create barriers for my customers when there didn't need to be.

So, roughly two years ago I set up a poll on my website and blog and sent some of my most frequent customers a survey of their preference towards handmade greeting cards having or not having inside messages. I was shocked that an overwhelming 82% would rather their handmade cards be left blank inside. Since then, I designed all of my handmade greeting cards to be left blank inside for individuals to leave their own messages, verses and sentiments and felt pretty good about it.

Until the other 18% resurfaced... :)

To this day, many, if not all of my custom orders for greeting cards DO request that the inside of their cards have a sentiment, and more likely than not, they tell me to choose --- which can be even more agonizing in the middle of the creative process. To help me get through it, I compiled a list of greeting card sentiments and verses in various categories. These lists can be found in two of my hubs:

Greeting Card Verses

Humorous Birthday Card Messages

Hopefully these hubs will not only be helpful to those of you looking for the perfect message to write in your greeting cards but to my peer-designers who come across this sometimes-frustrating task in the midst of their creative process. Enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by!

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jimlynn said...

I'll check out all the sentiments. That's so hard for me too and I'm always just leaving my blank on the inside.
Love your cute card and all the different DP. So pretty.

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