Friday, April 19, 2013

Unfinished Finishes = Very Busy Weekend

Is it possible to feel overwhelmed and really productive at the same time? This is my table of I-Need-To-Finish projects. Just a little intimidating!

The good news is I have plans for most of these finishes which can sometimes be half the battle - at least for me! To keep me organized in that aspect, I started a little project journal so that I would know exactly what I need to stitch, craft, color and create into whatever it may be. I even had my stitching buddy Cathy from Sleeping Fox Stitchery make me a stitched heart so I can add it to my stitching journal -- which is yet another thing I need to get done this weekend!

Please visit Cathy's shop when you get a chance. She's got some really great stuff in her shop:

The other thing I need to do this weekend is acquaint myself with my brand new Sony Cybershot. I went out and purchased this new camera thanks to one of my paper craft BFFs, Lynn, who is by far the blogger who has made me spend the most money! :)

You can check out Lynn's blog at:

As always thanks so much for your e-mails and kind words. 

Thanks for stopping by!


jimlynn said...

Hey, what are friend for anyway!!! LOL! Glad I could help you spend some of that money. Hope you like the camera!

ALL of these are so pretty, Alissa! Can't wait to see them framed out but they're beautiful just as is!


Carol said...

I know your beautiful stitching will be turned into some very creative and lovely finishes, Alissa! Enjoy that new camera--sounds great!

Cathy -- Sleeping Fox Stitchery said...

Yay, glad you like the stitching! I'm excited to see all of your finished projects, they look great so far!

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