Saturday, December 26, 2009

Flamingo Fever?

Okay so apparently the flamingo card was a big hit. Just thought I should make an annoucement (I will be sending out a distribution e-mail also) that I do appreciate all the e-mails and requests, but please know that the card was designed for my friend, Lisa, and not intended to be posted on my website for sale.

I will try my best to honor all the requests I've receved, but even for the non-personalized requests, the standard 2-3 business days before shipment policy will not apply. For those who need a quick turnaround, I will try my best. This really just depends on my time and the availability of my stock. I can also not guarantee that all cards will be exactly the same, but again, I will try my best.

Thank you for your patience and I'm glad you enjoyed the card so much. :)


1 comment:

jimlynn said...

Precious card! Love the flamingo.

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