Monday, November 30, 2009

Be Teal My Heart Necklace

Okay so I know all of my designs are supposed to be one-of-a-kind, but for whatever reason, this “Be Teal My Heart” necklace has been special requested so many times at my boutique, I’ve cheated and made it just a few more times (9 to be exact).  :)

At this point, I’m extremely limited in my supplies so this will be the last "Be Teal My Heart" sold. Thanks to everyone who bought one. I’m glad you all liked it so much.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Awareness Ribbon Greeting Cards

Have you ever noticed that in all the greeting cards sold in this country, there really isn't a market for awareness cards? You can find a birthday card to your boyfriend from the dog before you can find an awareness card.  I myself never realized this fact until my friend, Lisa told me she had Lymphoma. When you find out your friend has cancer, there are so many things you want to say, but the words escape you... at least in my experience anyway.  And even though you're not directly experiencing what they are, you're going through it with them just the same. 

I knew I wanted to give her a card that she could keep on her desk as a constant reminder that she wasn't going to fight this alone.  But when I went to the store all I found was Sympathy, Get Well or Thinking of You cards, and none of them really said what I wanted them to.  And then, by pure coincidence, I found the My Favorite Stamps "Think Pink" acrylic set featuring two women in an embrace wearing awareness ribbons. The sentiment was simply, "We're in this together."  It was perfect.

I did a little research on awareness colors, found out that Lisa's specific type of cancer was symbolized by the color purple, and came up with this. 

I knew I wanted a pretty basic design, not to distract from the actual stamp and sentiment, which I think is the most important.  I'm happy with the way it came out. 

Since then, I have designed five others in pink, teal, lime green, blue and red and have a few more I'm currently working on.  Though the design and colors stay the same, no two cards are exactly alike. To this day, these cards are the products I'm constantly refreshing inventory for daily at my boutique. At the end of each quarter, I send my profits to their corresponding awareness charities which has been very rewarding. 

Here are examples of the five other awareness ribbon cards available:

Pink = Breast Cancer Awareness

Teal = Ovarian and Cervical Cancer Awareness

Lime Green = Non-Hodkins Lymphoma, Muscular Dystrophy,
Ivemark Syndrome, Lyme Disease, Sandhoff Syndrome, Mental Health

Light Blue = Thyroid Disease, Addison's Disease, Prostrate Cancer,
Graves Disease, Arthritis, Colon Cancer

Red = Heart Disease, HIV/Aids, Stroke

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Two more out the door!

Just finished two more custom orders. The first was based on my Get Well card featuring Whipper Snappers "Caught a Bug" stamp. It was personalized for Sarah who is feeling under the weather.


The other custom order was for someone who liked my "Out of Africa" necklace, but was looking for a black and white theme without a pendent.  After working with her, this is the design we came up with.

Here is the "Out of Africa" necklace that served as the inspiration.

I hope they're both happy with their orders!

Altered Recipe Box with Thank You Notes

Just finished this really cute notecard set for a friend of mine and liked the design of the cards so much, I made another set for the boutique. I love the black and white design contrasted against the vibrant colors.  Very trendy right now.

To make these cards, I searched my arsenal for four different patterns of black and white, and then cut them to a little less than half the card.  Then I found cardstock in pink, teal, lime green and red, and cut them to bump up against the black and white.  To tie the two papers together, I adhered ribbon in coordinating colors in the center of the card to finish the design.

The "Thank You" sentiment is stamped on a 1 1/2" by 2 1/2" block of white cardstock, and then matted it on black to make it pop. 

For her set, I wanted to make a box she could keep the cards in so I rummaged through my craft pantry and found a recipe box I had found in a dollar bin at Michaels.  I covered all sides of the box with this really pretty pink patterned paper, and then used a lighter shade of the same paper for the box top.  I painted the inside of the box with raspberry acrylic paint and then adhered a ribbon to the lid and voila! 

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Premade Scrapbook Albums

I could not be more excited. Not more than one week since the opening of Starry Nights Studio and I'm already flooded with orders and e-mails!  Thank you guys so much for all the love! I'm a little stressed trying to get it all done - but I'm not complaining! I haven't had the chance to update my sold items inventory yet, but I will as soon as I can. 

On Sunday, I added these two new family-themed premade scrapbook albums to my inventory. 

I still think giving someone a scrapbook is one of the most unique gift ideas, so it was nice when I received a custom order for someone who needed an anniversary present for her parents showcasing their lives together. 

The inspiration of these two pages came from my own personal scrapbook album about my grandparents.  It's amazing how just a few pictures and journal entries completely transform a premade page.

Here I typed up just a short paragraph of my grandparents lives together.  I thought it served as a great introduction for their album.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Starry Nights Studio

With this being my first blog post, I thought what better way to start then with actual pictures of my craft room, aka Starry Nights Studio.  

When we bought our house last year, I knew I wanted a completely Van Gogh-inspired room. (Shocker.) So after months of planning... and then another few months of "tweaking," I was finally able to get it just right.  The most valuable addition proved to be the pegboard wall, complete with shelves, hooks and storage cups, perfect for keeping all of my favorite tools within arms reach.  I bought the pegboard at and would recommend them to anyone.

I bought this wall unit at A.C. Moore. It was perfect for storing my ribbon and acrylic paint. In case you're wondering, yes, that is in fact a Vincent Van Gogh action figure next to the "CREATE" sign. 

For my scrapbook paper, I assembled two large shelving units and bought 12x12" scrapbook paper containers at Joanns to stack on them. I added a small off-the-floor shelving unit underneath for extra scrap bins.

I keep all of my rubber and acrylic stamps, stamp pads, embellishments and Cricut cartridges in the large craft pantry next to my desk. I'm still playing around with the organization of it, but for now it works! 

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