Thursday, June 7, 2018

Strawberries and Cream

Hello Friends!

I FINALLY finished my Strawberries and Cream piece from Stitchrovia. I absolutely love this piece. The colors, like all of Stitchrovia's patterns, are AMAZING. The only "problem" was that it was A LOT of block stitching, and after awhile, I got really sick of it. I think if I wasn't in such a time crunch to get this done for my strawberry-themed entry way, I would have stitched this over a few months and it would have been fine. Either way, it's done and I'm thrilled with it! 

The stitched piece is mounted to some coordinating pink/red fabric background, and then I edged the aqua frame with white cording and added some wood leaves and red bows to the corners to mimic the strawberries in the corner of the stitched piece.

The strawberry-themed entry way is no where near done, but it's getting there. I need to add a few more pieces and change a few things around. I wanted it to stay with the strawberry theme that's going on in the June hutch but bring in some teal instead of more green.


Pattern: Strawberries and Cream
Designer: Stitchrovia

Thanks for stopping by!

1 comment:

Robin in Virginia said...

Your strawberry themed entry looks super. Way to go on getting this piece stitched and finished. Enjoy your weekend, Alissa!

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