Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Happy May!

Hi Friends!

It has been a long-standing goal of mine to complete an entire set of Cottages of the Month from Country Cottage Needleworks, and finally, I've completed one in time to actually put it on display. (Ya!)

I bought this frame at a local thrifty shop and then chalk-painted it white so that it would be able to be used for all seasons. I didn't attach mounting brackets or an easel-back because I think I'm going to just try using it as a shelf-sitter, or placing it in this white easel I found -- haven't decided yet.

I used some basic, neutral gingham fabric for the backing -- again, trying to keep it as plain as possible to work with ALL of the cottage designs, and then mounted the stitched piece itself to some aqua cotton fabric. My plan is to continue this trend for all of the cottages so that I'm only really switching out the stitched piece with its unique, coordinating fabric. It looked too plan with just the gingham itself so we'll see how that goes.


Pattern: May Cottage of the Month
Designer: Country Cottage Needleworks

Colors Used:
DMC; 676, 3031, 3811 and White
GAST: Poinsettia
Weeks Dye Works: Bright Leaf, Capri, Grasshopper


In addition to stitching up the Cottages of the Month, I'm trying to keep up with my Lizzie Kate Monthly Flip-Its. I still have no idea how I'm going to FFO these, but hey, at least May is done!


Pattern: May Flip It
Designer: Lizzie Kate

Colors Used: 
DMC: 436, 729, 3031, White
GAST: Poinsettia
Weeks Dye Works: Grasshopper



Pattern: Honeybee Sampling
Designer: Little House Needleworks

Colors Used: 
DMC: 420, 469, 729, 3021, 3721 and White


Pattern: Rise and Grind
Designer: Hands on Design

Colors Used: 
DMC: 168, 304, 844, 3809, 3862 and white


Chalk on the Farm: Fresh Eggs Farm by Hands on Design.
We all know it and we all love it. I, personally, was trying to hold on out on this chart until I finished up some of the other Chalk fo the Home series ---- but that went out the window. It's all kitted up. Just have to stitch it now.

Blessed Bee by With Thy Needle and Thread
Fell in love with this chart when it came out of market. Again, told myself I didn't need it until I finished up some others, and then somehow it ended up in my pile anyways. Love it. Can't wait to stitch it

Seeing everyone's project bags for Maynia has made me jump on the bandwagon and make some myself, so I've been hitting fabric stores galore to find some cute fabric. As you can see, I'm totally all in with the camel/llama/alpaca trend.

I should mention that my stash will soon be growing -- which it DEFINITELY does not need to -- because I went and (re)binge-watched one of my favorite Flosstubers, Helen D.,aka East Coast Crafter, this week while I was getting over a cold. I love watching her, but I literally keep a notepad next to me when I do just so I can track down patterns she's either stitched or has in her stash! My absolute favorite from Helen is her Frosty Forest finish (Flosstube #2) which is GORGEOUS. She's also FFOed Chalk on the Farm (Flosstube #10) and a TON of other really cute things. IF you haven't checked out her channel here is the link: Helen's Flosstube Channel

Flosstube #2 (Frosty Forest finish)

Thanks for stopping by!

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Robin in Virginia said...

Alissa, I hope you have recovered from your cold. I love each one of the pieces you featured in today's blog post especially the sweet little May flip it. Did you change up the colors in the Rise & Grind piece? They look so vivid. I like the white easel that you have your May Cottage displayed on. So easy to move it around! Happy May Day to you!

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