Monday, November 13, 2017

Snow Days

This weekend was 31 degrees... and windy! After a day of shopping, I actually had to pull out a heating pad. What the heck happened to fall?! UGH!!!! I'm not ready for snow -- or cold --- or winter in general. As I get closer and closer to the move to Phoenix, the less I'm able to truthfully say I'm going to miss all four seasons. There is definitely one I can do without, and we're heading there fast! Not looking forward to it.

That being said, I did actually enjoy making this piece. In fact, it's one of my favorite FFOs of the season so far. I had dyed the fabric a baby blue/gray so that the white of the snow would pop. Then I subbed out some colors to compliment the dyed piece. For the finish, I framed it in a rustic antique white frame that I jazzed up with some snow-covered pine tree branches and a burlap bow. The fabric I used to make the center cover button seemed to harsh after I had already glued it to the piece, so I softened it with a lace button. Super cute and easy to make!

Pattern Details:
Designer: Shepherd's Bush

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1 comment:

Robin in Virginia said...

What a darling finish! Where do you find your frames? I like the added greenery and bow. Well done!

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