Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Let It Snow!

After spending a good portion of Saturday dyeing some fabric and kitting up projects, I was happy to sit down and finish this simple pattern I found in the 2017 Just Cross Stitch Christmas edition magazine. The fabric itself is like a gray/blue that I was originally afraid wouldn't show up well against the white -- but it's fine. My mom and I went fabric hunting (among other things) on Black Friday so I was able to get some really good deals on fabrics, including the one I used to mat this stitched piece on.  

The piece itself is a while-washed wood pallet that hangs from a twine cord. It looked very bare on its own so I just added a snow-covered branch and a small glittery snowflake and called it a day! I love it!

Thanks for stopping by!


Robin in Virginia said...

What a super looking piece! Did you dye the fabric you used? I think the white shows up great on it.

Faye said...

Very good work Alissa!

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