Thursday, September 28, 2017

Cross-country Adventure Part 2

So now I'm sitting in a hotel in Troy, Illinois as we wind down the last couple of days of our cross-country adventure. It's only two more days until we're back home in CT and although we had a really awesome time, I'm so ready to get home. Two weeks was a very long time to be away and I really miss my dogs! 

Highlights of the second part of the trip:

Drove through New Mexico! I wish we had more time to really see New Mexico because I've always wanted to go there, but unfortunately for this trip, I didn't really see much of it outside of the beautiful landscape. At least I know I'll definitely be back!

Visited Flagstaff. I was shocked at how much Flagstaff reminded me of Vermont. Clean, crisp, (cold) mountain air, pine trees for miles, lots of shopping, cozy lodges --- they were even selling little jugs of maple syrups in their shops! Totally blew my mind that we were actually in Arizona. 

Went neighborhood-hunting in the Phoenix area. We really spent a good portion of the time in Arizona driving around to different parts to see where we may want to settle. The good news is there is shopping EVERYWHERE --- and there seemed to be a Michaels, Joanns or Hobby Lobby every 2 miles. 

Loved the palm trees and mountains -- definitely don't have those in CT.

Went to Chase Field to watch the Arizona Diamondbacks play. They lost, but they made the playoffs and it was an overall great experience. 

Best part of the stadium is the Petsmart Patio where your dogs can actually come to the game with you. Totally buying Bentley and Cooper little jerseys for their first game. (Yes, I'm one of those dog people.)

Went to the University of Phoenix stadium to watch the Cardinals take on the Cowboys. They lost, too, but another great experience. We're actually even considering seasons tickets. 

FINALLY got to visit "The Attic Needleworks" in Mesa. I have been dying to visit this store ever since I knew there was a possibility we'd be moving out west and this shop did NOT disappoint. We don't have many local needlework shops in CT and the one I have actually nearby is very small and has very little inventory in terms of patterns. The Attic was the total opposite. They had charts upon charts, both new and older, and even had charts that have been out of stock online. I bought 8 charts in total including three that have been on my "I absolutely need to have right now" list.

And now it's back off to the east coast! Thanks for stopping by!

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