Monday, November 28, 2016

How I Make Over $100/Month with Swagbucks

Over the years, I have done many things to earn money online, but perhaps the easiest and most consistent way I've maintained a steady income online is with Swagbucks.

Have you ever heard of Swagbucks? If not, you should check it out immediately because it is one of the easiest ways to add money to your checking account each and ever month, without fail. is a very popular, scam-free rewards program in which you earn cash and gift cards simply by completing quick and easy tasks online. Though there are hundreds of ways to earn money with Swagbucks, their "Watch", "Answer" and "Search" categories are the three that are the biggest money-makers for me, and therefore, are the three I base most of my day-to-day routines around.

Here are some ways I consistently $100 a month with Swagbucks:

1.) Daily Polls (30 Swagbucks/month)

Daily polls are located directly on the left-hand side of the Swagbucks homepage and they are quick, simple polls that reward you with 1 Swagbuck per day for each time you answer. They take less than 15 seconds to complete and add 30 Swagbucks to my account each month.

2.) Deal of the Day (30 Swagbucks/month)

Daily offers are also located directly on the left-hand side of the Swagbucks homepage and take about as little time to complete as the Daily Polls do. It is important to note that you absolutely do not have to click on any of the offers in order to earn your Swagbucks. Viewing the Deal of the Day offer takes less than 10 seconds and adds 30 more Swagbucks to my account each month.

3.) Watch (3,500-4,500 Swagbucks/month)

The Watch feature allows you to earn Swagbucks simply by watching videos online. There are multiple options for doing this but I find that the way I'm able to earn the most, while doing the least, is through Encrave. Encrave has many playlists available which reward you anywhere from 1 to 10 Swagbucks after completion. The reason I use this option most is because many of the playlists have an autoplay feature so I can literally let them play on my PC as I go about my business. I earn well over 100-150 Swagbucks easily per day on just Encrave alone. 

Note: Swagbucks also offers a mobile TV app for watching and earning on the go.

4.) Answer (3,750-4,500 Swagbucks/month)

Like the Watch feature, the Answer feature is where I earn a really good amount of Swagbucks. Surveys are available every day and each survey ranges from 10 to upwards of 250 Swagbucks per survey depending on the survey itself and the time it takes to complete it. To avoid the dreaded "Sorry, you don't qualify for this survey" issues, it is worth taking the time to fill out as many personal questionnaires as possible. This will ensure surveys are suitably matched to your personal tastes. On average, I earn anywhere between 100-200 Swagbucks per day answering surveys.

5.) Search (150-250 Swagbucks/month)

In order to use the Search feature in Swagbucks, you will need to download their search bar. No, it's not Google, but considering you can earn anywhere from 5-25 Swagbucks, it's well worth it. These rewards and amounts are completely random, but if you search regularly (without trying to jam the system with fake searches), it adds up fast. I earn anywhere between 150-250 Swagbucks per month this way.

Other ways I earn Swagbucks:

Though the above are my Top 5 earning methods, there are a few other things I do each month to ensure a steady amount of Swagbucks. They include:

Shop and Earn: 
Much like other shopping rewards programs, Swagbucks will offer you free bucks with their Shop and Earn feature. This isn't always steady income (unless you shop online each and every single day), but will quickly add up each month, especially if you shop at featured stores with higher give-backs. 
Swag Codes: 
Swag Code rewards are random and can show up anywhere within Swagbucks, though they are most often posted on their social media platforms. They offer you an average of 3-6 Swagbucks each time, and all you have to do to redeem them is enter the given code into the designated Swag Code box.
Discover Offers: 
Discover Offers are quick and painless ways to earn a ton of Swagbucks in one shot. You can earn Swagbucks with this feature by taking quizzes, signing up for newsletters, visiting specific websites and printing coupons.
Daily Goals: 
Each day, you are given Daily Goals to achieve. For each time you reach a goal, you get a designated bonus. At the end of the month, Swagbucks will pay you for all of the daily goals you completed during that month. I average approximately 300 Swagbucks per month by completing my daily goals each day.

As I mentioned, these methods above are only the methods I personally use to earn more than $100 a month with Swagbucks. There are dozens upon dozens of other ways to earn rewards, so go ahead and check them all out! You'll be cashing out your Swagbucks in no time at all!  

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