Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pumpkin Patch Wood Relief Carving

I'm excited to share something new today. A couple of years ago my dad realized he had this amazing talent of wood carving. Over the past year or so he's made some really amazing pieces and I've been begging him to start sharing them with people instead of just keeping them a secret in his studio -- and I finally won!

This is his "Pumpkin Patch in Moonlight" wood relief carving. It's made of bass wood and completely hand-carved and painted. Isn't that insane? When I first saw this piece and it's brilliant, vibrant-colored finish, I knew this couldn't just be another one of his creations that collected dust in his studio so I'm sharing it with you all now.

I really hope the photos do it justice because it's absolutely BEAUTIFUL in person!

Thanks for stopping by!


Madeline said...

Oh my goodness this is gorgeous, Alissa! You have quite the talented family! So glad you finally convinced your dad to share his creations. Too good to keep hidden!!

jimlynn said...

WHOA! Alissa, this is just sensational!!! He really is a true artist. SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Unknown said...

I wish I had that talent. Beautiful!

Linda said...

OMG your dad is SO talented. This is great! Is he making xmas scenes, too? Hugs, Linda

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