Thursday, February 6, 2014


This is what happens when you keep adding to your "To finish, ship and list" table. INSANITY!

In an attempt to keep myself a little more focused, I've been trying to "stock pile" a few projects that need to be finished and complete them all at once, thinking that I would ultimately save time by compartmentalizing my To-Do list. There are typically four steps I have to take if what I'm making is going to a buying customer: 1.) Project completion 2.) Photos 3.) Listings 4.) Shipping. I thought that by doing a bunch all at once, I'd make myself feel better, but apparently, if you let it go too far, you just end up overwhelmed anyways. 

So... I need a new plan! :)

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Pam in IL said...

I don't have any great organization advice, but I too get overwhelmed with my disorganized to-do list.


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