Friday, September 13, 2013

Halloween Treats Basket

Hi everyone!

Today I'm featuring my first Halloween finish of the season -- a Halloween treats cross-stitch basket.

 I love these little baskets because they only need a small design to really pack a punch! The basket itself only measures 5 x 7 inches but its perfect for storing Halloween goodies. I've been told via a lovely note from Barbara that the basket will be used to store handmade treat bags at her Montessori school for toddlers in Austin, TX -- such a good idea.

The pattern is from the Lizzie Kate Halloween collection and was stitched on 28 ct mushroom evenweave and edged with black cording.

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

End of Summer Best-Sellers

Hi everyone!

With Halloween, Thanksgiving and (eek) Christmas quickly approaching, I've really shifted my focus these past few weeks into getting ready for the upcoming season. I really love experiencing all four seasons and rarely find that I'm NOT ready to switch gears when the time comes, so as part of the summer-to-fall transition, this post serves as a quick wrap-up of some of my best-sellers this summer.

As you all know, I try my best to design one-of-a-kind products at all times, but I also recognize that if you intend to make selling handmade items an actual money-making venture, your bread and butter is returning customers and special orders. What that being said, here were the biggest requests this summer.

Greeting Cards: 
Dance to Your Own Music

For greeting cards, hands-down, my "Dance to Your Own Music" card was definitely the most requested. Over this past year I swear I have used just about every combination possible between this stamp and this paper, but it's still one of my faves. The colors are so vibrant and the girl doing the hula is the cutest. I have two left in stock, with one serving as a prototype, but I'll definitely be bringing this card back in some capacity next year. Thank you to everyone who purchased this card and left me great feedback. I especially thank Patty for her awesome heartfelt thank you note that almost had me in tears. Thanks Patty!!

Whatever Tiki Frame

Holy cow were these "Whatever" tiki frames a shock. I never thought they would have sold the way they did. I had found these small frames in a local shop and painted them neon green, pink and blue before adding the stitched design in the center. This was one of those situations where the frame speaks for itself so I didn't need too much going on in the center --- which was a good thing because when Betsy told me she wanted to give one of these to each of her 6 bridesmaids, I thought I was going to fall off my chair at the thought. It got done -- with the help of a lot of Netflix streaming -- and it was all worth it when I received a photo of Betsy's beautiful beach wedding as well as an awesome thank you card. Thanks Betsy!

The neon green frames were definitely the biggest sellers - but I still personal favor the pink. :)

 I will definitely make these again next year but will probably add a few more colors outside of the pink, green and blue from this year. Someone had suggested purple and orange -- sounds good to me!

Strawberry Sorbet

I know that many of you don't believe me when I say I hate making jewelry, but I swear I do! In fact, I rarely come up with my new pieces lately unless specifically asked to do so. It's just not my passion if I'm being honest.

With that being said though, this Strawberry Sorbet necklace is without a doubt my best-seller -- not just for summer but I'm pretty sure since I started selling handmade. I've made a few adjustments and changes throughout the years, but for the most part, this has served as my prototype. I'm really ready to just let this one be "done" now... :)

Again, thank you to EVERYONE who has left kind words for me this year. Whether is be fellow bloggers, crafters, or customers, I love love love reading your e-mails and have really enjoyed getting to know all of you. One of the first things I do in the morning is grab my phone to check my messages and I still get excited when I see my full inbox of messages, so thank you so much for that!