Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Boys

Hi everyone!

I'm working really hard to finish up a lot of projects and get them out of the door this week, but I just had to post this video of my two dogs, Cooper and Bentley. As many of you know, Cooper is our new little addition we bought for our other dog, Bentley -- which I believe officially makes us crazy dog people. But nonetheless, the two boys (half-brothers) absolutely love each other so I couldn't be happier with the decision. 

I decided to post one of my favorite most recent videos of Cooper eating Bentley. Poor Bentley's just trying to take a nap but I guess that's what little brothers are supposed to do! :)

Thanks for stopping by!


jimlynn said...

Alissa, the "boys" are adorable!!! Too cute and loved the video.

Shelly Schmidt said...

So fun- Bentley just lays there.....I always tell my hubby our dog needs a friend...... which my husband says no... Darling!!!

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