Monday, July 29, 2013

Pumpkin Cottage Framed Art

Today I'm featuring my finished Pumpkin Cottage piece.

I have had this pattern forever and I've been dying to stitch it but unfortunately, it's been in the pile of "larger sized" patterns I've wanted to stitch but haven't had time for. I finally decided to just pick it up and start stitching or I'd never have it done in time for the fall. Because I couldn't just stop everything else I was doing though, I decided that in order to get any larger-sized patterns finished, I would have to work on multiple pieces at the same time. It'll take a longer period of time to complete them, but any period of time is shorter than never --- at least that's what I'm trying to tell myself. :) 

Anyways, it's finished and I love the way it came out. That pattern is called, "Pumpkin Cottage" and it's from Country Cottage Needleworks. 

Thanks for stopping by!


jimlynn said...

Oh, I love it too! I really needed to see this Fall beauty since we're suppose to be up to 104 today! It's beautiful!!!

Carol said...

Love this one, Alissa!! Your frame is a perfect choice, too!

Diane said...

What a wonderful cross stitch.

Regards diane

Shelly Schmidt said...

Beautifully done! Love the image and love the color of the frame you used!

ilona said...

Very Beautiful!

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