Sunday, June 30, 2013

New Member of the Family!

Everyone welcome little Cooper!!

As you all know, we got Bentley about a year ago, but the poor thing (in my opinion) was lonely and missed his siblings, so we decided to get a new puppy brother for him. So far so good!

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Friday, June 28, 2013

You Are Loved

Did you ever come across stamps you loved but hated at the same time? That's how I feel about this stamp from Mo's Digital Pencil. I absolutely love the stamp itself - the little girl is so cute, and the design can be used for many different occasions -- however, for whatever reason, I HATE coloring this stamp. And of course its one of those most requested card designs I get. Isn't that just the way!

For this particular card, I used designer paper from K&Company for the background layering and paper flower. I stamped the Studio G sentiment on white cardstock and mounted it with foam tape for dimension and then added a small coordinating purple pearl for a touch of color. The stamp was colored with Prismacolor Pencils and chalked at the edges. 

I think it's time for me to retire this stamp for awhile! :)

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Coffee Crazy!

Happy Friday everyone!

Being the crazy coffee lover that I am, I decided to post my three recent finishes all with a coffee-theme.

Good Coffee, Good Friend and I Like You a Latte Cards

These two cards have a very unique story. As many of you know, I make a number of my cards to be prototypes that people can order from. They may not always be exact, but they're close. There are a few cards I make though that I would never anticipate getting many orders from. These two cards below are two examples of that. I mean really, why would you need multiple cards made in this design, right? Well about 3 months ago, I got a request to make 6 each of the two cards below. The person who ordered them explained that she was having an in-home coffee tasting party and thought these would make great invites. I have NEVER heard of having a coffee party, but come fall/winter, I need to seriously look into having one! :)

Love My Coffee Framed Art

This fun piece was stitched on 28-count lambswool linen and framed in a rustic grey frame with an easel back. I've been told the recipient was a huge coffee drinker so I hope she enjoyed this gift as much as I enjoyed stitching it. The pattern is by Lizzie Kate.

Is It Coffee Yet Hanging Ornament

This was stitched on 28-count lambswool linen and finished into an ornament with sage green ribbon and green Chinese braid trim. The funny part of this finish is that I had to create four of these for someone as gifts and right before I made my first punch with the staple gun I realized I totally forgot the little burnt umber heart at the top of the pattern. I guess in the long-run it wouldn't have been too noticeable to the recipients, but it would have DRIVEN ME CRAZY!! :)

As always, thank you for your kind e-mails.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

To Bee or Not to Bee Framed Art

I have had this pattern in my stash FOREVER and finally stitched it up this week. Besides the fact that I absolutely hate bees, the pattern itself is really cute, and it stitched up quite nicely.

I made a few adjustments -- mostly color -- and then framed it in a 7x7 inch black, weathered frame I found along my travels.

The stitching was done on 28 count lambswool linen and DMC fibers were used with just a few color adjustments for my own personal preference.

The back of the frame has brown backing paper and a sawtooth hanger.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bird on Branch Framed Art

I just recently had a "unique" special request for a frame to be piece-mailed around a special note card. The card was a very dear keepsake for the person who requested this item so I was completely a nervous wreck when she mailed it to me and put it in my care -- doesn't take much for me.

ANYWAYS... this is the finished result.

I had found the frame, unfinished, at a local shop and decided to dry-brush the bottom coat so it looks a little bit like old wood. Then I found some great rub-on scroll designs to add to the corners, and finished it off with a flat, wood-carved bird. 

The back of the frame rests on a peg which was pretty much the only way I could think of to get it to stand. I'd show pictures of it if not for the fact that the personal note would be seen. All-in-all, I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out, and even happier that she was pleased with the finished product. 

As always, thanks for your e-mails, and thanks for stopping by!


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What I've Been Up To!

My 1-year old puppy, Bentley had to have a little "surgery" if you know what I mean, so I've been home with him for the majority of this past week. I figured it would be a good time for me to get a lot of stuff done in my shop so it was a win-win but I didn't think it'd be this difficult to keep a little dog "quiet."

For the first five days after the surgery, he was on doggie Percocet which kept him groggy for the most part. That was when I was able to get the most of my work done. Now it's been a week, he's off the Percocet and he's feeling extremely playful so I spend the majority of my time screaming "don't run!" "don't jump!" and "calm down!" lol

This is Bentley in his inflatable cone collar. I had to buy this 2 days after the surgery because he literally refused to move wearing the cone the vet sent him home with!

Anyways... as I said, I was able to get a lot of stuff done in a small amount of time. This was my dining room table a few days ago.

This includes over 40 tin-cushions (18 custom orders), 40 note card sets (20 custom orders), 12 custom greeting cards and about 14 needlecraft projects. About half of those needlecraft projects I ended up "finishing" last night but I haven't taken any photos yet. At first I thought the best idea was to keep completing  projects and take all the pictures all at once but now I'm thinking that was a HORRIBLE idea. I'm going to need another week just to take pictures and ship all of this! :)

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