Friday, May 3, 2013

Inside the Studio - WIPs and an "Artsy" Etsy Find

It is a gorgeous Friday night here in Connecticut and though I don't usually do my "finishing" until Sunday morning, tonight I think I might try to make a small dent in some of it. Here's a pre-finished photo of some of the things I'm working on.

I'm also going to try to get some cards/note cards complete as I haven't had much time to create anything "new." I think I may be the only girl in the country who hasn't seen Silver Linings Playbook yet, so creating cards while watching a movie seems like a good night to me!

I'm also taking a minute to feature these two really awesome signs from Heidi's shop, Block, Paper, Scissors.

Heidi creates these beautiful accessories using wooden blocks and paper - hence the clever shop name. I came across these two items today and I'm really thinking I need to make some room in my studio for at least one of these!

You can check out these signs and many more by visiting Heidi's shop:

As always thank you for the wonderful e-mails and love. I appreciate all of the e-mails I receive, but one in particular today really got me smiling from ear-to-ear. There's nothing like people appreciating your work!

Thanks for stopping by!

1 comment:

Shelly Schmidt said...

I loved the movie- did you watch it??? I love the signs too- that would be a neat addition to a creative space!

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