Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Featured Shop: Maddie's Creations

As you know, I love finding new, fun shops. Recently, I came across Maddie's Creations, a shop that features handmade cross-stitched heirlooms.

Madeline, the shop owner, has been cross-stitching for 15 years. She had always loved to make gifts for her family and friends, and was recently encouraged to open her own shop and start selling to the masses. Madeline's shop features unique, handmade, cross-stitched bookmarks, cards, wedding and birth sampler, jewelry, buttons, cosmetic mirrors and more! Here are a few items currently available in Madeline's shop:

What first drew me to Madeline's shop was the cosmetic mirror. The colors instantly drew me in. So pretty!

If you would like to visit Maddie's Creations, please visit Madeline's shop:

Thanks for stopping by!

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