Saturday, May 25, 2013

Free Digi Stamp - Umbrella

Right click on the image and choose the "Save As" function to download this image. 


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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Land That I Love - Now and Then

Today I'm featuring two of my previous designs using Lizzie Kate's Land That I Love - Now and Then. If you're familiar with Lizzie Kate's designs, you'll know that she has "flip-it" patterns that contain two similar designs. This particular "flip-it" came with two patriotic designs.

by: Lizzie Kate
(Click on link to view/purchase pattern)


I found this nautical frame in one of my favorite shops and knew immediately I would be using it to frame the "Now" pattern. I love the little details of this frame -- the dry-brushing paint effect on the frame itself, the little embellishments, and the rope -- it just had all of the perfect touches. I hated to part with this piece.


I stitched the "Then" pattern on 32 count (I think) lambswool linen and chose a brown rustic-looking frame to carry on the simplicity of the pattern. 

Both of the patterns are pretty easy to stitch. In fact, that "hardest" part was the color adjusting. Though the "Then" pattern didn't require any adjustments, my OCD was in full-effect for the "Now" pattern based on the fact that I needed the nautical frame to be "matchy-matchy" in order for me to go on with my life. A creative brain + OCD = trouble! :)

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Creativity Rules

The title of the post says it all. :)

I really enjoyed making this card because I feel like this stamp is me on a Saturday morning -- on the floor among all of my supplies trying to plan my creative week ahead. The stamp is from Mo's Digital Pencil and it was colored with Prismas and chalks. Because of its size, I wasn't really able to embellish much so the stamp had to stand on its own with just a simple paper flower and some sparkly rhinestones. I had absolutely no idea what sentiment should be attached but since it wasn't a custom order, I opted for the Creativity Rules stamp I had in my stash. Sometimes I wish I could track where my greeting cards actually go to -- I'd be curious to find out if the recipient of this card was an art teacher, or just a craftaholic like the rest of us! :)

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Button, Button, Who's Got the Button?

Sometimes along my travels I come across the most unique finds and I just can't wait to get them home, take them apart and "upcycle" them. This was definitely one of those times!

I found this button box at a local shop and loved the vintage-inspired feel of it. I thought it would be a cute addition to any stitcher's stash so I bought a few thinking I could just stitch a cute little design and mount it to the top. I used a small border design for this particular box and I'm currently looking for other patterns in my stash to create other designs. The box is good size 6 x 3 x 2, but I'm definitely limited in the stitching space. If all else fails I'll just have to do some pattern shopping.... :)

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Miss You Bear

Happy Friday everyone!

I'm always drawn to patterns that have pink and brown together. I think it's such a pretty color combination, though it would seem like it shouldn't be. I found this paper in my stash when I was re-organizing, and was lucky enough to find others that were similar in color and design so I went with it. As always, the image was colored with Prismas and chalked at the edges. Then I just went to town with the layering. Sometimes the paper can really just stand on it's own!

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Featured Shop: Maddie's Creations

As you know, I love finding new, fun shops. Recently, I came across Maddie's Creations, a shop that features handmade cross-stitched heirlooms.

Madeline, the shop owner, has been cross-stitching for 15 years. She had always loved to make gifts for her family and friends, and was recently encouraged to open her own shop and start selling to the masses. Madeline's shop features unique, handmade, cross-stitched bookmarks, cards, wedding and birth sampler, jewelry, buttons, cosmetic mirrors and more! Here are a few items currently available in Madeline's shop:

What first drew me to Madeline's shop was the cosmetic mirror. The colors instantly drew me in. So pretty!

If you would like to visit Maddie's Creations, please visit Madeline's shop:

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Monday, May 6, 2013

An Apple for Teacher

I've gotten a few of these done within the last few weeks, I'm assuming so that they can be given out as teacher's gifts. Kinda cute, right?

I found these apple figurines at a local shop a few months ago and noticed that there was a place to insert a photo in the back. And any time there's a place to insert a photo, my mind starts going. I thought that maybe with a little luck (and some very gentle nudging) I could get a small needlework design in there, and luckily, I was able to. Once I knew it was possible, I ran back and bought a dozen or so more. I'm down to only two left though so it probably wasn't enough -- too late now!

They don't look like much -- they're only about 6 inches tall -- but they're heavy as heck, considering their size. If nothing else I bet they'd make great paperweights! :)

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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Simple Sugars Product Review

One of my favorite shows currently on TV is Shark Tank (airs Fridays at 9:00 p.m. EST on ABC). If you aren’t familiar with the show, the concept is simple. “Contestants” pitch a concept, product or business model to a panel of investors (“sharks”) in hopes of getting a deal. Many are turned down of course, but there are definitely some major success stories.

Roughly a month ago, Lazi Lazzari, an 18-year old from Fox Chapel, Pennsylvania appeared on Shark Tank to pitch her Simple Sugars scrubs to the panel of investors.  Lani claimed that she had always had a hard time finding products that didn’t cause her sensitive skin to become irritated and because of it, she decided to create her own all-natural product line called Simple Sugars. I, too, have sensitive skin, so this product intrigued me right away. I also fell in love with the idea that this young girl could work as hard as she has towards making her dream of having a successful line a reality.

Lani on Shark Tank

Even before she had finalized a deal on the show, I was on the website ordering the Coconut Body Scrub. It took about three weeks to get here (apparently 15,000 orders came flooding in as soon as the show aired -- far too much to handle with her existing set-up), but it’s here now and I LOVE IT! In fact, I love it so much I went right back to the website to order more.
My Coconut Body Scrub

Besides the fact this stuff looks and smells good enough to eat -- and comes with a small spoon that really makes it tempting to do just that, believe me -- it made my hands sooooo soft. I have told all of my family and friends about Simple Sugars and now I'm sharing it with you. I have no affiliation with the product whatsoever. I just know that if you try it, you will all love it as much as I do!
By the way, if you’re not a fan of coconut, the body scrub comes in many other fragrances including almond, strawberry, vanilla and more.

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Friday, May 3, 2013

Inside the Studio - WIPs and an "Artsy" Etsy Find

It is a gorgeous Friday night here in Connecticut and though I don't usually do my "finishing" until Sunday morning, tonight I think I might try to make a small dent in some of it. Here's a pre-finished photo of some of the things I'm working on.

I'm also going to try to get some cards/note cards complete as I haven't had much time to create anything "new." I think I may be the only girl in the country who hasn't seen Silver Linings Playbook yet, so creating cards while watching a movie seems like a good night to me!

I'm also taking a minute to feature these two really awesome signs from Heidi's shop, Block, Paper, Scissors.

Heidi creates these beautiful accessories using wooden blocks and paper - hence the clever shop name. I came across these two items today and I'm really thinking I need to make some room in my studio for at least one of these!

You can check out these signs and many more by visiting Heidi's shop:

As always thank you for the wonderful e-mails and love. I appreciate all of the e-mails I receive, but one in particular today really got me smiling from ear-to-ear. There's nothing like people appreciating your work!

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