Saturday, January 26, 2013

Valentine Crafting

Hi everyone!

I was finally able to spend a little time on getting caught up on some Valentine's Day crafting this weekend

First, I stitched up this really cute design from Heart in Hand using DMC colors that coordinated with this ceramic frame I found that I thought was just too cute with the white embossed hearts.

Second, I made another 8 of my "Confidence is Sexy" cards I received as custom orders from my original prototype. This stamp is from Mo's Digital and I believe I've colored her dress and hair in just about every color combination now, so I'm officially retiring this design. :)

Then I got a request last week from someone who saw my Valentine Kisses card from last year and who wanted 14 of these cards made, again, in all different skin, hair and outfit color changes. I was lucky enough to find paper that somewhat looked the same as last year's. That's the problem I'm finding now with certain papers - it's almost like they retire them like they're Vera Bradley handbags now. What the heck is that about?? 

Today I'm focusing on finishing up the last of the note cards I have to make and then I plan on focusing on some not-holiday themed finishes again. I enjoy the time period between March and May just because I don't have that pressure to design for certain occasions. I'm sure you can all agree!

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Last of the Winter Crafts

Being from Connecticut, I get to experience all of the seasons, and unlike a lot of people, I don't hate winter -- though we haven't had a lot of snow lately (knock on wood) so that's probably easier to say at the moment. :)

These are the last of my two winter-themed crafts for the season I believe. The first is a small finish from Lizzie Kate that I actually stitched on some (gasp) blue denim linen. For some reason I very rarely stitch on anything that isn't white, off-white or beige, so this was big for me. I know - I need to get out more. :)

I thought that the combination of the wooden slats of the frame and the two large tin hearts really called for a contast in fabric, and I'm glad with the way it came out. I wish all finishes could be this pleasant!

The second finish was another pattern from Lizzie Kate and perhaps even more enjoyable to stitch. I just love the colors in this pattern - I don't even think I made any color substitution. All I did was mount it inside a small white frame and called it a day!

Off to some spring crafting!

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Apples for Sale!

Okay so I’m a little late for apple season but I was so inspired by this frame I just had to stitch up something apple-specific. I was lucky to have one in my possession from Little House Needleworks. The colors were spot-on and I only had to make a few tweaks to get the main design to fit inside the 4x6” opening.

Fall is my favorite season so I really got into this project. I even burned my Macintosh Spice Yankee Candle while stitching. :)

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Christmas Cross Stitch Desk Supplies Decor

Hi everyone!

I'm taking a few minutes to upload some photos of a couple of the cross-stitched pencil cups with a Christmas theme I made this year. I wish I had come up with this project sooner because they sold well, but unfortunately, any time you deal with needlework, it takes much longer to make and I ran out of time. I'm going to have to work on designs for other seasons  once I have some extra time because they were really a lot of fun to make!

I chose four different but coordinating patterns and stitched them up on linen before mounting them to some comic book board and inserting them in the grooves of the photo holder. They're about 4" x 4" and perfect as a little desktop accessory.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I'm back!

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. My Christmas break was great, but as always, too short. It was fabulous to be able to completely “power down” for two weeks. I found that in my “powering down” mode, I was able to really relax and still be quite productive. In fact, I “finished” 8 stitching projects I had completed but never did anything with, worked on some plans for new cards, and even reorganized my craft room - including a new and improved shipping station I’m quite pleased with. I also finished off and published three more hubs.

Now that I’m back at work I realize more than ever that I am going to have to be really efficient with my time in order to keep up my progress while still maintaining a somewhat non-stressful life when I get home. Part of that plan will need to be “powering down” more. So wish me luck that I’m successful in that!

I will work on taking some pictures of my newest “stuff” and will be posting soon.

Thanks for stopping by!