Friday, November 16, 2012

Featured Shop - Papernaut Cards

Today I'm featuring Papernaut Cards from fellow papercrafter, Andrea.

Papernaut Cards opened just over 6 months ago in April and focuses on "hand-crafted cards of the nerdy persuasion for every occasion.” They exclusively sell greeting cards, the geekier the better.

Andrea, artist and shop owner of Papernaut Cards lives in Texas where she currently works as a research assistant at Texas A&M. She is involved in a study investigating the root causes of PTSD in military Soldiers. It is a really important project that she's very proud to be involved. In her spare time Andrea loves making greeting cards!

Here is a little bit more about Andrea:

What are some crafting tools that you cannot live without?

I definitely use all kinds of scrap-booking paper, my ranger distress ink pads, and my glue sticks! Also music for rocking out while crafting is a must.

What is it about paper that you love?

I think more so I just love greeting cards. They represent thoughtfulness, and a lot of care goes into sending a handwritten note by mail, especially nowadays when it is so easy to just type “happy birthday” on someone’s Facebook wall without even leaving your homepage. A handmade card in the mail means so much more to the sender and the recipient.

What inspires you?

I am very passionate about astronomy and astrophysics (Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson is my hero) so the name Papernaut Cards just seemed to fit perfectly. Just picture an astronaut flying around in a paper airplane! I also wanted a big part of my shop to feature more quirky, off-beat, scientifically themed cards so I have a whole section listing titled “For Science!” Each of those cards is dedicated to an inspirational scientist. I try to incorporate pieces of their famous works or discoveries into the design.

For inspiration I also rely heavily on my hardcore nerdiness. We are so fortunate to live in a time where nerds and geeks have infiltrated so far into pop-culture there’s no shortage of amazing books, games, TV shows, and movies to provide material. A lot of the old stereotypical stigmas have also fallen away, so people are now proud to let their geek flags fly.

How did you get started making cards?

I owe a lot of credit to my mom, who is really into “Stampin’ Up” and started making her own Christmas and Birthday cards for her family and friends every year. I remember helping her as a kid, and I definitely inherited the crafting gene from her.

What is your favorite item?
Definitely my “Steampunk Pi!” I’m a little obsessed with the number, I celebrate March 14th with Pi cupcakes, and I can recite the number to 56 digits. I’m proud of this card because I actually drew the design myself. This is a great example of a unique Papernaut Card that you won’t find anywhere else.

Do you sell mostly online or at craft shows?

Currently my cards are sold exclusively on Etsy, although I am interested in getting more involved in local craft fairs. I have to get my act together for that!

You can find Andrea at the following:

Please check out Andrea's shop and show her some love. And as always, thanks for stopping by!

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