Monday, October 8, 2012

Featured Shop - Caffeinated Papercuts

My latest featured shop is Caffeinated Papercuts from artist, Jennifer Loftfield.

Everything at Caffeinated Papercuts is handcrafted by Jen's two hands in the craft room at her home. Jen started down this path by designing & creating her own wedding invitations. From there, Jen says it was an easy step to cards, and before long, she was looking at everything thinking, "Can I add paper to that?"  

Jen says she might love pretty paper almost as much as she loves her coffee...and yes, that's where the name for her shop came from. 

When Jen isn't crafting, you'll find her wrangling stray socks, hunting down lost Legos, taming the dust bunnies and telling the cat to get out of her coffee! Then her husband and son come home and there's a lot of laughing, tickling, and seeing what new words her little boy has learned that day.

You can find Jen at the following links:

Please go visit Caffeinated Papercuts and support handmade!

Thanks for stopping by!


Lisa said...

Nice feature - she has beautiful items. I will check out her shop right now. TFS as always!

Maria said...

Really pretty items. I will gladly check out her shop. I support handmade, too and appreciate the promotions. There is nothing like a handmade gift. I hope your friend is successful as she is quite talented.

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