Sunday, August 29, 2010

Old Hobby Becomes New Muse?

So if anyone's even noticed that I haven't necessarily been around as much lately, here's why. I was cleaning out my craft room a few weeks ago and found some my old sketch books - and it got me thinking. Some of the sketches would make nice digi stamps.

Well then that got me researching. Though I'm pretty good with the computer, terms like "digital altering" have never been in my vocabulary before so learning how to scan my sketches in and turn them into digis has been somewhat frustrating. However, this past week or so, I've managed to get a good chunk of my sketches transferred into digital format and started yet another blog to put some of them up so I'll continue to do that in the next few weeks. I have absolutely no idea if anyone else would even enjoy these or have any use for them, but much like Tami, I'll never know until I try.

If anyone wants to check out the new site, you can visit it here:  Starry Nights Studio Digi Shop

Thanks for stopping by!


Carrie said...

Congrats Alissa...your images are so cute. Love the little golfer. Best of luck with it and you are so talented!!!!

Patricia said...

You have some neat stuff over there, Alissa! Best wishes with your new venture.

Tami said...

I guess I've been sleeping. CONGRATS on your new digi company. I really like them because they look "different" from other digis I love the "sketch" look or maybe charcoal look of them. My fav is probobly the house. It is hard to start but I am sure you will do wonderful. HUGS

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