Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Hello June!

Hello Friends!

I put the finishing touches on the dining room hutch today in my strawberries and ladybugs June theme. My focus now moves to the strawberries and watermelons vignette in the front hallway as well as my summer/patriotic vignette upstairs. We'll see how far I get as it's been a challenge to find missing pieces in shops during this pandemic.

As always, my Country Cottage Needleworks "Cottage of the Month" series sets the tone for color and theme so as you can see, it's a red, green and white strawberries and ladybugs vignette. 

I use magnets on my Cottages of the Month so that I can switch them out easily each month without having to finish each one and store it separately. It really makes life so much easier.

The newest stitched edition is June Truckin' Along by Priscilla and Chelsea of Stitching with the Housewives. Though the pattern is a chalk-theme (stitch on black with a lot of white accents), I switched it up to make it fit in with my decor. I can't even tell you how many green flosses I went through until I found a color for the truck that matched my decor without looking completely out of place. (It's Guacamole by Weeks Dye Works if you're interested.)

In other news, I have been SWAMPED with my finishing service as it seems many stitchers spent the quarantine completing projects. Slowly but surely I'm making my way through the pile!

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Thanks for stopping by!


butterfly said...

Love your Summer display for June .
I am just stitching June .
Should be able to display soon.
Love all your work .
Have a wonderful week.

Kim said...

Alissa, your display looks amazing. I love how you swapped out the black. I started the Priscilla and Chelsea piece in the PNPS magazine but had so much trouble seeing the holes. I think I will change it up like you did so I don't have to struggle with the black. Thanks for sharing.

Robin in Virginia said...

Your truck finish looks fabulous. So, what fabric did you use for that piece? I always enjoy seeing your hutch display and seeing any new additions. Well done, Alissa!

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