Thursday, December 8, 2016

Gift Ideas for Paper Crafters

Paper-crafters (like me!) know the obsession that takes over your life once you embrace the art of paper. We can just never seem to get enough of it! And when holidays and birthdays roll around, you can bet that paper, or accessories that go along with paper, are on our wish lists.

If a paper-crafter had to shop for a fellow paper-crafter, there would be no issue. You would know exactly what to get. That's because in our world, everything revolves around paper and the endless possibilities that go along with it. Unfortunately, for our family and friends, it's not that simple. They say things like, "I never know what to buy you!" or "You are so hard to buy for!"  Ha! If they only knew just how far from the truth that was. They just don't know where to start! And with the paper universe expanding every day, complete with its own language and lingo, who could blame them!

Here are some great gift ideas for Paper Crafters:

Designer Paper
Obviously paper-crafters love paper. I mean, they wouldn't be paper-crafters if they didn't, right?  So when in doubt, the absolutely best gift for a paper-crafter is designer paper (or "DP") itself. Nowadays, purchasing designer paper couldn't be easier. Stacks upon stacks of paper is available in all different themes, colors and styles, and all are affordable. You literally cannot go wrong with this gift idea.

Embellishments (or "embellie") is anything that embellishes your paper-craft project. Embellishments can be, but are not limited to, stickers, chipboard cut-outs, die-cuts, buttons, ribbons, eyelets or more! If the aisle of embellishments at your local craft store becomes too overwhelming, many kits are available that include a themed sampling.

Paper Punches
Paper punches are used to cut shapes out of paper to be used as embellishments to scrapbook pages, journals and cards. The benefit of paper punches is that they are smaller and more affordable than die-cut machines, and do not require special software or cartridges in order to use them. Paper punches come in different sizes and shapes --- including frames, numbers and letters, borders, hearts, geometric shapes, flowers and more!

Art Stamps
Much like designer paper, art stamps are usually objects of obsession for paper-crafters. Art stamps come in rubber, acrylic, foam and even digital (digi) variety, but given as gifts, rubber and acrylic versions are probably the safest options.

Art stamps come in almost every theme imaginable and are mostly used for greeting card-making and scrapbooking.

Coloring Mediums
If you're looking for a very special gift for a paper-crafter, coloring mediums are perhaps one of the most appreciated options because purchasing paper-crafting pencils such as Prismacolor, or paper-crafting markers such as Copic, can be very pricey --- especially if purchased in sets.

The choice between pencils or markers is usually a personal preference, so before making the investment, it is best to understand which medium the paper-crafter you are purchasing them for prefers. In addition to pencils and markers, other more affordable coloring mediums are available to compliment the coloring process, such as colored stamp pads, watercolors and chalks.

Die-Cut Machines
Another idea for a very special gift idea is a die-cut machine. Die cut machines give endless possiblities to paper-crafters buy creating paper shapes, called "dies." These dies can be cut from many different kinds of paper (depending on which machine you purchase), and are used for many paper-crafting projects.

Die-cutting machines come in two different forms: digital and non-digital. Digital die-cutting machines such as the Cricut and Silhouette Cameo operate using cartridges, and/or downloadable software. The benefit of these types of machines is that thousands of die-cuts are available to be customized, re-sized and printed directly.

Non-digital die-cutting machines such as the Cuttlebug or Sizzix are less pricey, not do not offer quite the amount of possibilities that the digital, much pricier options offer. These machines work using a crank-type mechanism that slides the die over the paper, cutting it into the shape of your choice as it passes through.

Magazine Subscription
Another great idea for a paper crafter is to give them a magazine subscription to a paper crafting magazine such as Paper Crafts and Scrapbooks, etc. Magazines specifically designed for paper crafting can really get the creative juices flowing and offer a ton of inspiration.

Gift Card
When all else fails, I can personally attest that one of the best gifts to give a paper-crafter is a gift card to a local craft store such as Michaels, Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores or AC Moore. Giving a specific art-themed gift card, rather than just a generic Visa, tells the recipient that you were being very intentional and thoughtful in your choice and that you were really trying to purchase a gift card they would thoroughly enjoy using.

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