Monday, March 5, 2012

Tea Box Finish!

Finally put the finishing touches on my Tea Room tea box tonight and happy to say it's done! I am absolutely falling head over heels in love with Country Cottage Needleworks, and this pattern was a joy to work with. I just love how the colors all went perfectly together without any substitutions on my end at all. I stitched this pattern on 28ct oatmeal linen before mounting it to my board and adding a gold trim. The box is 9"x9"x4" and has three compartments inside for tea bags and packet. 

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Ranae said...

Super nice finishing on the box
Its so pretty!

Carol said...

Wonderful, wonderful finish, Alissa!! Everything about it is perfect :)

Gemma Cleaver said...

That looks lovely!

Did you buy the box seperately to the cross stitch? My friend is crazy about tea and would love something like this! I do a bit od cross stitch designing (mostly jewelery but I'd like to try something bigger) and I think something similar would be a perfect start! and give me a deadline to do it for!

jimlynn said...

WOW, WOW, and triple WOW! LOVELY! Alissa, did this all come as a kit or what? It's just gorgeous!

Gems said...

Absolutely stunning, you must be so proud of your finished stitches! and you finish it off perfectly with the colour of the box aswell, Your dad is a fantastic craftsman and beautiful made wooden box

Gem xx

claire93 said...

a very inspirational finish - you do such lovely work

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