Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Doggie Christmas Trees

That's right.  Doggie Christmas Trees.  Who would have ever thought these would be so popular?? Well, 10 spools of ribbon later, the last of the Doggie Christmas Tree orders are DONE, and I'm secretly hoping this is the last of it for this year, since they're such a pain to make :)

To start, I fluffed out the branches of a 24" Christmas tree and then added a string of 20 white lights.  I made the bows out of 1 1/2" paw print satin ribbon and topped the trees with them for some color.  Then I added various dog-themed resin ornaments, and for more color, I added multi-colored ball ornaments.

The "fun" part is in the milkbones.  First, a hole has to be made in the top of each cookie.  Sounds easy enough, but you won't believe how many you'll break in the process.  (Needless to say, my dogs really enjoyed this project.) I finally used one of my beading needles and an eyelet hammer with just a little bit of pressure to finally accomplish this task.  Once the holes were made in each milkbone, I glazed each cookie with a gloss-finish acrylic gel.  The gel not only makes them shiny but sturdy as well.  I let them dry for about an hour before I ran 4-5" of green wire through the hole and wrapped it around each tree branch.

I hope that the dogs that are getting these trees for gifts this Christmas enjoy them as much as my dog, Spike, who was determined to be in every shot I tried to take of these trees.  

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Laura said...

Adorable Dog and trees.Love that idea

jimlynn said...

Oh, these are SO cute - the trees AND the dog! Such a cute idea. Love them!

Shelly Schmidt said...

These are adorable- how do you keep them from knocking it over going for the yummy treats??? What a fun fun idea!

Karen Howard said...

OMG, you have been really busy!!! These are just adorable and SPIKE is sooo cute!

Cazzy said...

Hi, I just saw your blog link on SCS, well done on your blog. Love these trees, but I think my dogs would strip them bare long before Christmas day!
Your dog is cute.

Cazzy x

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